“I just want to take a moment and thank you so much for the treatment I’ve been getting regarding my Autoimmune Disease.  I cannot begin to tell you how grateful I am for your care and attention to all the details and symptoms that I have.   You have a gift of putting the science and reasoning behind why my body is doing what it is doing into terms that I can understand.  Every time I am with you I feel like I am finally being heard, a plan is set, and above all, I leave with a sense of hope.

 One of the very first supplements that was recommended was a weekly dose of the Vitamin B12 shot.   I wish I would have recorded how it was working from the very beginning back in November because it has been life changing – I am not joking!  The first two weeks I didn’t notice any difference because I had been living with intense brain fog, memory loss, and fatigue.  I just was unable to function.  I continued to come in for it and started to notice that the brain fog and fatigue started to lift little by little.  Usually it was the day after getting the shot that I FINALLY got to experience what it was like to have energy again.  It was a slow process but I kept coming back because I started to see glimpses of myself again.  Even though the noticeable change in energy would only last one day, it was a motivator for me because I didn’t feel trapped in that horrible fatigue, even for just one day!  I began to notice that soon the energy started to last for a few more days and along with that energy came the motivation to actually get to the gym or tackle something on my To Do List at home.  The fact that I could be physically active without having to take a nap afterwards is an incredible blessing.  I still come in every week to get the shot and am now at the point that I can’t feel the shot wearing off any more.  This whole process has been an incredible gift for me.   I never ever want to be in that state of fatigue again.  If that means I’m taking B12 to avoid it, I will!

My children, and husband and I cannot thank you enough for helping me get to this point of being able to crawl out from the fatigue/fog and have back the spring in my step!!  I’m so very excited to be in this process of taking back my health with you by my side.”

- CW

Ashly is absolutely THE BEST. Love her. She is professional and talented and always checks in and makes sure I was completely satisfied. I have become so attached to Ashly. I cannot say enough good things about her and would give her ten stars if available.

- HW

I have gone to see Ashly now FIVE times for lip injections this past year! Can’t keep away from her! She’s awesome! Very professional and also very personable…and most importantly very talented!! No way would I be going back so much if I wasn’t 100% beyond satisfied with the outcome from the injections every time! Thanks ash!! I’m sure I will see you again soon!

- VJ

I hesitantly went in to learn about skin care and do some wrinkle preventatives with Ashly and I am so thrilled that I did! She is so sweet and extremely knowledgeable about skin care and knows exactly how to explain everything where it makes sense. I loved the work that she has done and will continue to go to her-I will forever be a long time client. 🙂 Thanks Ashly for everything.

- SP

Lips were graced by Ashly. I was nervous about the outcome since it was my first time. So happy with the results. Thanks again!

- KD

I had a wonderful experience during my visit. Ashly was so awesome with making me feel completely comfortable. I came in for fuller lips and I absolutely love them. She does great work. I will be coming back for more.

- LJ

Ashly is truly amazing!!! Not only is she incredibly talented, she is beyond sweet and so accommodating!! Wouldn’t let anyone but her touch my face. She is the best!

- MR

Saw Ashly for lip injections and had a great experience. Very friendly, knowledgeable, and answered any questions or concerns I had. Following each appointment, she would check in on how I was healing. Overall goes above & beyond for her clients! Will definitely continue to see her.

- KM

I had my lips filled by Ashly and was so impressed with her! She is so sweet and knowledgeable and really walks you through the process as she is going. My lips look amazing! I wish I would’ve come sooner. I’ll be back.

- AK

Mark is awesome! I am on the road to recovery!!
See you soon.

- LL

Dr. Mark is a wonderful addition


Dr. Mark is very knowledgeable, compassionate and caring.

- BB

Doctor Mark was an excellent listener during this first visit.

- KH

My appointment with Dr Mark was great! He is extremely knowledgeable and helped me feel 100% again!

- KF

Dr. Mark and Dr. Meaghan are caring, compassionate, and very knowledgeable providers!!

- Anonymous

Very positive and friendly, make you feel very cared about upon entering the facility. Dr Mark was very helpful in explaining why I was feeling the way I am. After a short exam he asked to do some work on my joints, I left there feeling like a different person. I’m hoping this feeling will continue !!! Thanks to all involved.

- RJ

I thought Dr. Mark was very thorough and I felt like I actually had some possible answers to my issues that I have been dealing with for over 2 years!

- JM

We love Dr Mark

- SS

Dr. Mark was able to pin point my issues and make both appropriate adjustments so that I walked out of his office pain free.

- Anonymous

Amazing, Mark D.C. has been the only chiropractor to figure out the best ways to adjust my neck and lower back. The whole staff is professional and welcoming. I feel like a new person after my appointment.

- Anonymous

The staff is really helpful and Dr, Mark has been very effective in getting my back issue under control. I like the approach they take with a proper diet and exercise instead of pushing pills. I would recommend them to any friend or family

- RJ

Informative sessions in chiropractic care and functional medicine. We appreciate the time and knowledge Dr. Mark shares in each appointment. We have seen positive results and are grateful!

- EL

Dr. Mark was very helpful with my issues.
I did not have any numbness/tingling on my right foot last night!

- JM

My first appointment with Dr. Mark at Synapse was very helpful and informative. I am looking forward to learning more and getting healthier

- KD

Dr. Mark was professional and friendly. He is extremely knowledgeable and explained it in a way both myself & child understood. We both felt physically and emotionally better.

- KL

I have been seeing Dr.Mark and he has helped me manage my diet which changed the way I feel and condition other parts of my body. I am very pleased with their program and how they tailor the treatment for each person.

- RJ

Currently I’m training for a marathon and Dr Mark was able to help get my body back in place for me to continue training! Thanks for all your help!

- KF

If it wasn’t for Dr. Meaghan, I don’t know where I would be today. 9 months ago, I started having weird symptoms and Dr. Meaghan pushed me to get blood tests done. The results came back and Dr. Meaghan explained to me that I had diabetes and fatty liver disease, that my organs were in overdrive and it was only a matter of time before things got much worse, so she put together a plan to get my organs functioning properly again. Dr. Meaghan had me completely change my lifestyle, most importantly, the food I was putting into my body. Dr. Meaghan was able to assess what foods were causing me severe inflammation and had me cut them out. She also recommended several supplements to support my liver, decrease inflammation and help with weight loss. This was a very scary time for me but Dr. Meaghan was there with me every step of the way, running weekly tests and making adjustments to the plan to improve my results.  9 months later, I’ve lost 100 pounds, my liver is functioning perfectly and I have completely reversed my diabetes. None of that would have happened without Dr. Meaghan, her deep knowledge of functional medicine and her ability to address the underlying causes of my symptoms. Her approach to functional medicine and the care she has for her patients is why I would recommend Dr. Meaghan to anyone.

- NR, Minneapolis

I was so pleased with my visit with Dr. Meaghan! She is very friendly and easy to talk to, while still being professional. She immediately wanted to hear my health concerns and let me explain them thoroughly. She did not minimize any of my symptoms or concerns. She asked great questions and made me feel very comfortable. She very clearly explained what she thought were the causes of my symptoms, but rather than just putting me on medication, she ordered two tests based on my symptoms. She said she will look for the root cause of my symptoms and then make a plan of action to get me feeling better. I left feeling hopeful and encouraged.

- anonymous

It is always a comfort to see Dr. Meaghan, whether it is the adjustment, direction or knowledge she gives. No matter where I am on my health journey, I come away hopeful for a better quality of life!

- DE, Forest Lake

I left feeling so much better. I appreciate the explanation for everything she does for my kids. They truly understand that Dr. Meghan is helping them. She treats the kids with kindness.

- KL, Ham Lake

Dr. Meaghan gave insight to a complex issue I have dealt with for 12+ yrs so this gave me tremendous hope.

- PB, Apple Valley

I am so happy. I’ve gone to a few clinics and no one has answers. Finally I’ve found someone who not only says my symptoms make sense but also has a plan to treat them. I am so thankful Dr. Meaghan plans to treat the real problem, not just the symptoms. I’ve finally found hope after seven years of not feeling well.

- EW, River Falls

I’ve been working with Meaghan Kirschling for a year now and I adore her, she has helped me lose 50 pounds and we have balanced my hormones, I feel fantastic. I have sent friends and family to Synapse.

- LK, Farmington

Dr. Meaghan took the time to listen & give me ideas on what is going on with my issues. Thank you.

- NA, Gary


- SJ, Waverly

Dr. Meaghan is amazing,! She has the best recall I’ve ever seen..!! The people at the check in desk are courteous, and helpful, my wait time was minimal..

Love you all.. keep up your good works.

- JA, Apple Valley

Dr. Meaghan is amazing!

- KM, Farmington

I am so thankful for Dr. Kirschling­

To have access to such a knowledgeable , caring ,wise Dr as her to help me sort out many health challenges has given me hope I can finally feel better . And it’s working ! I’m seeing change in my digestion . They offer so many services , the staff is always kind , caring and patient .A ray of sunshine every time I go . Love it .

- Anonymous

I love Dr. Meaghan. I had been praying for a doctor like her and God provided.

- SH, Burnsville


Dr. Meghan was awesome! Thank you, first of all, for listening to my concerns and putting into place a plan to improve my condition. You are knowledgeable and experienced. So glad my friend recommended you. I look forward to your guidance as I work towards getting strong!

- TE, Minnetonka


Dr. Meghan has been very helpful with the chiropractic I received and also with other health issues I had been dealing with.

- GW, Eagan


I was greeted warmly by the staff and offered assistance as needed. Also, there were no surprises about the cost of the visit. Everything was as expected. My visit with Dr. Meghan was excellent and I am confident that she will work with me to resolve my current and long term health issues.

- PM, Asheville