Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine focuses on the body as a whole and defines true health as the body functioning optimally.  In order to achieve this goal, the approach looks at each person individually and comprehensively.

We are truly the sum of our parts and everything is connected.  Many times in traditional medicine, we are sent from one specialist to another.  If someone comes in with the complaint of headaches, then we send them to a neurologist.  If that same person also mentions that they have bloating and chronic constipation, then they are referred to a gastroenterologist.  Then when they bring up the fact that they have dry skin and possibly psoriasis, they are told to go see a dermatologist.  Instead of connecting all of our symptoms as one system and realizing that all of these symptoms might even be related, we separate signs and symptoms into specialities and don’t focus on how everything is connected.

More and more people need a functional approach to health and wellness.  This is evident by the fact that 125 million Americans are now suffering from a chronic condition of some type.  The traditional medical approach of fixing concerns with pills and referring from one specialist to another is causing a lot of individuals to slip through the healthcare cracks and not live his or her most optimal life.

Not only is it important to look at concerns holistically, but it is vital to take a comprehensive approach to care.  Changes only occur when we address the weak or dysfunctional systems, support the entire body, and change the lifestyle concerns that caused the problem.

Dr. Meaghan has worked in various healthcare arenas during her professional career.  From her time as a nurse on an organ transplant floor to her experience in integrative health, she brings the best of both worlds to her patients.

From her years in healthcare in various arenas, Dr. Meaghan has realized that many individuals are in a state of dysfunction.  Traditional medicine is best at diagnosing and treating diseases.  Their approach is to diagnosis diseases.  Then based on the diagnosis to treat accordingly.  This type of care is optimal for individuals that have acute trauma or concerns.  However, it does not provide options to individuals that are not at the point of disease but are the walking wounded.  The approach also turns primarily to surgeries and prescriptions for answers and often times ignores the very cause of what is going on.

You can’t truly fix a problem without changing the reasons that there is dysfunction in the first place. That is the whole basis of functional medicine and incorporating this holistic and individual approach is not only life changing but also life giving.

See what our patients are saying about functional medicine:

If it wasn’t for Dr. Meaghan, I don’t know where I would be today. 9 months ago, I started having weird symptoms and Dr. Meaghan pushed me to get blood tests done. The results came back and Dr. Meaghan explained to me that I had diabetes and fatty liver disease, that my organs were in overdrive and it was only a matter of time before things got much worse, so she put together a plan to get my organs functioning properly again. Dr. Meaghan had me completely change my lifestyle, most importantly, the food I was putting into my body. Dr. Meaghan was able to assess what foods were causing me severe inflammation and had me cut them out. She also recommended several supplements to support my liver, decrease inflammation and help with weight loss. This was a very scary time for me but Dr. Meaghan was there with me every step of the way, running weekly tests and making adjustments to the plan to improve my results. 9 months later, I’ve lost 100 pounds, my liver is functioning perfectly and I have completely reversed my diabetes. None of that would have happened without Dr. Meaghan, her deep knowledge of functional medicine and her ability to address the underlying causes of my symptoms. Her approach to functional medicine and the care she has for her patients is why I would recommend Dr. Meaghan to anyone. –
NR, Minneapolis

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